The Popcast With Knox and Jamie (pop culture)

Knox and Jamie break down celebrity endorsements and the art of selling out BUT FOR THE RIGHT REASONS. 

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Knox and Jamie talk about actors who are not to be trusted, betrayals both real and fake, and they give recommendations to celebrity baby names.

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NOTE: Jamie's voice for the first 10 minutes of this episode is noticeable muddled and we apologize for that. BUT, we were able to fix the issue after that so hang tough or skip ahead.

In this episode, we tackle emojis: their history, impact, meaning, and who should be using them. We also cover the latest pop culture news.

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Knox and Jamie talk all about the use, effect and significance of music in movies and TV. They also share some of their favorites as well as listener suggestions.

Jamie's guide to finding music from TV:

Knox's spoofing of the Say Anything boombox scene



Knox: Black Mass

Jamie: Mindy Kaling (TV Show and Book)


Knox: Taraji P. Henson not winning an Emmy.

Jamie: Ryan Adams 1989

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Instead of talking about what they are thankful for, Knox and Jamie fight about Tom Hanks.

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Knox and Jamie talk about Bill Cosby and other people from their childhood that would surprise/not surprise them if they were revealed to have engaged in sketchy behavior. Also, in light of the failed Aaliyah Lifetime movie, they talk things that they are glad failed.

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Knox and Jamie talk roles reprisals that are happening and ones they want to see. Also, in honor of Veterans Day, they talk War movies and the depiction of war and the military on the screen.

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Knox and Jamie talk about the formative experiences they've had with pop culture frights. Also, they hash out the best and worst halloween candies, talk about what to do if you are kidnapped, and touch on The Walking Dead...

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Knox and Jamie consider the cultural question of marriage and how it is influenced by pop culture. Does it reinforce that you should get married at a certain age or does its portrayal of marriage discourage us from tying the knot?

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In this episode, Knox and Jamie speculate on some pop culture mysteries and play the butterfly effect game on what might have been. Also, they give tips on how to watch football with a group of people.

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