The Popcast With Knox and Jamie

Knox and Jamie breakdown the upcoming Olympics for their scandal, their Zika, their underrated/overrated elements and all the ways they are failing the global populace. Understanding that, they pitch ways to fix the games.

They also spend a minute talking through news and notes, especially the new and exciting elements revealed at Comic-Con.

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Knox and Jamie talk through the best fictional places to visit, the worst fictional places to visit and why Stars Hollow wasn't that great. They also talk through the major news and notes from pop culture this week.

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In this emergency bonus episode, Knox and Jamie talk through the Taylor Swift vs. Kimye feud and what it all means...

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Knox and Jamie talk all about pop culture crazes: what they accomplish, what is needed to become one and how to determine if you are being sucked into one.

Also, they talk Hiddleswift and Chip and Joanna Gaines.

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Knox and Jamie talk all about death on television: how it is done well, how it is done poorly and how it should be done most properly. They also talk through their favorite TV deaths and who they would retroactively kill off.

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