The Popcast With Knox and Jamie

Knox and Jamie talk all about Fall TV. But also they talk about...

- Taylor Swift's spiritual relevance.

- Books to check out

   + How To Not Suck At Marriage

   + Binge Watch Like You Mean It!

- Returning TV shows

- New TV Shows

Blood and Oil
Minority Report
Super Girl
Code Black
Heroes Reborn

Angel from Hell


The Man In The High Castle
Hand of God
Scream Queens 
Taco Bell
Kenan and Kel Reunion
Jon Krauker Books
Jimmy Fallon's Jimpire
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Knox and Jamie talk all about the use, effect and significance of music in movies and TV. They also share some of their favorites as well as listener suggestions.

Jamie's guide to finding music from TV:

Knox's spoofing of the Say Anything boombox scene



Knox: Black Mass

Jamie: Mindy Kaling (TV Show and Book)


Knox: Taraji P. Henson not winning an Emmy.

Jamie: Ryan Adams 1989

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Knox and Jamie talk about the Fall and Winter movie slate and break things down by movies you should see in the theatre, movies you should redbox and movies you shouldn't waste your time on.

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Knox and Jamie talk all about James Bond. They also touch on Meryl Streep, Idris Elba, War Room and their favorite (and least favorite) things for the week.

Knox and Jamie talk weird celebrity couples as well as pop culture news items. But specifically, they talk about...
+ Idea Butterfly
+ Which tabloid magazine we are versus our listeners.

+ Friends theory

+ Michael Jackson Lisa Marie Kiss
+ Adrien Brody / halle berry kiss
+ al tipper gore kiss
+ Weird couples that time forgot
+ Supporting them on Patreon
+ Miley as VMA host
+ Kanye as Kanye