The Popcast With Knox and Jamie
In this episode, we've got a lot happening. But first, We don't want you to do anything this week. We just want to say thanks to the people who are supporting us on Patreon. It's so cool and we're so thrilled about it and we have so much planned for you.
+ What got us on the topic of dead celebrities who weren't dead? The untimely death of Bobbi Kristina
Other things we talked about...
+ How Jamie received the news of Macaulay Culkin's mistaken death.
+ Also, did you know Macaulay Culkin is in a band? Knox did not.
+ Knox's favorite celebrity non-death? Reba McIntyre.
+ Jamie's favorite part of prepping for this episode: premature obituaries
+ They talk about the reasons behind the existence of celebrity deaths.
+ The Mount Rushmore of celebrities people claim are still alive.
+ They play "Dead or Alive?" with...
- Fidel Castro
- Cesar Milan The Dog Whisperer
- Dick Van Dyke
- Marc Summers
- Redd Fox
- Jim Nabors
- The duo known as Kriss Kross
- Angela Lansbury
- Bea Arthur
- Jesus of Nazareth
They then switch to discussing social media fixes fresh off the news that Kim Kardashian is helping to fix Twitter.
- They talk about why people make their Instagram feeds private.
- And they weigh in on the Taylor Swift vs. Nicki Minaj beef.
+ Green Light
Knox: Mr. Robot. He got passionate as to why.
Jamie: Buzzfeed's Whine About It, the awful, lazy, intellectually disgusting rip-off of the more robust and intellectually competent Drunk History. But, sure, ok Jamie.
+ Red Lights
Knox: Himself for not realizing Tilda Swinton was in Trainwreck. 
Jamie: Donald Trump because reasons and because telephone polling.

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In this special bonus episode, Knox and Jamie talk about all the movies that should be on a person's pop culture bucket list. 

Special thanks to Elizabeth Hyndman for executive producing this bonus episode series!

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In this special 100th episode edition of The Popcast, Knox and Jamie celebrate by looking back but also looking forward.

- They play some of their favorite Cold Opens

- They revisit some embarrassing moments

- They talk about the bests and worsts

- And most importantly, they talk about the future of The Popcast and what this means for listeners.

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Knox and Jamie talk all about child stars: our fascination with them, what they actually bring to the table and the possibilities for life after their time in the sun of kid stardom.

They also deep dive into their favorite "other" songs from popular artists and albums including...

The Distance

Let The Groove Get In


I Don't Like It, I Love It

Welcome To Heartbreak

The Mountains Win Again

Your House

Finally, they end with their lights from this week which are part cautionary, part hesitationary and part inspirational.


In this very special interview bonus, Knox and Jamie talk with Megan Tietz of the Sorta Awesome podcast.

In the interview, Megan answers some pressing pop culture-themed questions, while Knox and Jamie weigh in on her answers, the validity of them and any rabbit trails that may ensue while deliberating.

Knox and Jamie offer the fourth chapter in their most favorite series, Urban Dictionary". In it, they seek to expand the cultural vocabulary of everyone by introducing phrases like "eye broccoli" and "glitter af".

Knox and Jamie talk about celebrities who broke bad: the surprising, the not-so surprising and the inexplicable. They also go into what a run-in with the law can do for your career both in the negative and positive.

They also take time to look back on the year in pop culture with America's birthday coming up and cover what is probably her proudest three moments as well as her most regrettable moments.


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