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Let's face it: Taylor Swift is pretty powerful these days. But is there a bigger exploration for her power and success? Does it originate from a supernaturally evil source? Is Bad Blood a coded message to the Illuminati? All good questions.

As such, in this bonus episode, Knox and Jamie break down whether or not Taylor Swift is the AntiChrist.

Sure, you can laugh, but once you start applying ancient prophecies to reality, the possibilities don't became all that insane.

In this episode, Knox and Jamie talk about...

- Beyonce vs. Taylor Swift

- Is Taylor Swift at the height of her powers?

- What are some books you want to read, but you never will?

- Knox discloses a dark secret about Harry Potter

- Jamie greenlights Oliver Hudson's Father's Day celebration

- She also greenlights the book "Everything I Never Told You"

- Knox greenlights the Amazon comedy "Catastrophe"

In this episode, Knox and Jamie talk about Actors who crossed over to different genres / styles / industries with differing results. They also go over their lists of Summer Nos.

In their first Popcast Bonus Interview, Knox and Jamie talk with Jamie Ivey.

If you don't know Jamie Ivey, she's the genius behind The Happy Hour With Jamie Ivey podcast. But not only that, she's a good friend of Knox and Jamie's and someone who has lots to say and admit about pop culture.

Give their interview with her and listen and make sure you connect with Jamie Ivey.

Celebrity Feuds

- Why do we love celebrity feuds?

- What are the 4 Cs of celebrity feuds?

- Why is Mariah Carey always involved?

- What are our favorites?

Summer TV Premieres

+ The Brink


+ Ballers


+ True Detective Season 2


+ Humans


+ Wet Hot American Summer


+ Fear The Walking Dead

The Lights

Green: The Martian and Start-Up Season 2

Red: Neil deGrasse Tyson on Hoverboards, Teen Mom OG and Gary


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Knox and Jamie talk all about celebrity siblings. The best, the worst, the most awkward and the ones you didn't even know existed. They also talk...

-Caitlyn Jenner

-The Mindy Project on Hulu

- Kimye Baby #2

- The Cruel Intentions Cast Reuniting

- Shia LaBeouf

- The Brokeback Bachelor

- San Andreas

...and much, much more. Like so much.


Knox and Jamie break out a new bonus episode series called "Are They Good?" In it, the break down a pop cultural personality and discuss whether or not the person is good and why.

In this episode, given the buzz of Mad Max, they cover Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron.

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