The Popcast With Knox and Jamie

Knox and Jamie talk about the idea of likeable vs. unlikeable TV characters. Then, they give their lists of the most likeable and unlikeable characters. They also touch on The Duggar controversy, Knox says something inflammatory and they both realize they might be back in on The Bachelorette.

Knox and Jamie answer a gauntlet of questions posed by you, the listener. Stuff like "What happened to Meg Ryan?"

"Who is your celebrity crush?"

"How did you guys meet?"

"Is Meryl Streep for real with her new movie?"


Knox and Jamie return to their roots and preview the Bachelors vying for the affection of this season's Bachelorette. They talk about the guy's bios and their Pretenders, Contenders and Could-Be-Gay contestants.

Knox and Jamie discuss the best, the worst and the why of celebrity lifestyle brands. Also, they touch on the state of late night television with the impending exit of Dave Letterman.

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Knox and Jamie preview the summer slate of movies and talk about which movies they are excited about, which ones they are worried about and which ones they think will be under the radar successes.

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Knox and Jamie honor mothers everywhere by talking the best and worst moms of pop culture. Also, they spend a minute or two on the dumb royal baby thing and talk about who would make up America's royal family...

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