The Popcast With Knox and Jamie

Knox and Jamie talk fictional characters who almost ruin the movie they appear in. Also, they do a lightning round of topics like Bruce Jenner, Adam Sandler, Vanilla Ice, and Jay Z.

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Knox and Jamie talk about the best things to binge if stuck on a deserted island to celebrate the release of their new ebook "Binge-Watch Like You Mean It!"

Also, they talk about some of the forgettable early roles of now famous actors.

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Knox and Jamie share the things they hate that most people love and then get YOU the listener in on the act by sharing what you hate that most love. And then, Knox and Jamie judge you for it. I know, right?

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Knox and Jamie try to discern why The Fast And The Furious franchise has been so successful. Also, they talk celebrity competitions like the Lip Sync Battle and what other settings would be perfect for celeb competition. Also, Jamie says controversial stuff about Paul Walker.

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Knox and Jamie exchange their list of pop culture guilty pleasures and also talk about shows that went on for way too long.

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