The Popcast With Knox and Jamie

Knox and Jamie talk about pop culture's offering of witches, what witches *mean*, and Halloween costumes you definitely want to avoid...

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Knox and Jamie talk about the formative experiences they've had with pop culture frights. Also, they hash out the best and worst halloween candies, talk about what to do if you are kidnapped, and touch on The Walking Dead...

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In this episode, Knox and Jamie talk about Gone Girl, movie vs. book, as well as the season premiere of The Walking Dead. They lead off with their lights though in case anyone doesn't want to hear about those things. So kind.

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Knox and Jamie deep dive into Urban Dictionary for their favorite words. phrases and concepts. Also, they talk apocalyptic movies and whether they are zombies, spaceships or wastelands.

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Knox and Jamie talk about their expectations of TV and why they watch it as well as their most favorite celebrity cameos.

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