The Popcast With Knox and Jamie

Knox and Jamie discuss the TV shows that defined their childhoods, teenage years and adulthood and also consider if future kids will be able to do the same or if their TV experience will be entirely different. Also, they disagree about which Fall movies look good and which ones don't.

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Knox and Jamie consider the cultural question of marriage and how it is influenced by pop culture. Does it reinforce that you should get married at a certain age or does its portrayal of marriage discourage us from tying the knot?

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In this episode, Knox and Jamie speculate on some pop culture mysteries and play the butterfly effect game on what might have been. Also, they give tips on how to watch football with a group of people.

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In this episode, Knox and Jamie talk about the recent Celebrity phone hacking scandal and what our reactions say about us. Also, using the framework of The Bachelor, they hand out roses to new TV shows debuting this fall.

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