The Popcast With Knox and Jamie

In this episode, Knox and Jamie touch on the feminist icon that is Beyonce as well as Sofia Vergara as a social lightning rod. Also, they talk hype vs. talent and which stars fall into either category. 

Finally, they wrap up with their lights and opinions on women shaving their hair and white mommy bloggers telling us about what its like to be black in Ferguson.

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In this episode, Knox and Jamie touch on the stuff happening in Ferguson as well as talk about Actor / Musician relationships on the heels of the Jennifer Lawrence / Chris Martin news...

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In this episode, Jamie and Knox celebrate one year of Popcasting. To celebrate, they give away stuff, recap the year of the Popcast and give out superlatives in the time since they've been popcasting.

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In this episode, Knox and Jamie talk all about the power of names. They guess which names are fake, which ones are real and talk about how your name can influence your life or the story you exist within.

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