The Popcast With Knox and Jamie

In this episode, Knox and Jamie talk Celebrity couples. In it, they talk about their favorites, their least favorites and the ones they feel embody everything there is to embody about celebrity-ness.

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In this episode, Knox and Jamie talk movie soundtracks. The best, the worst and all the ones in between.

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In this episode, Jamie and Knox talk about all things bromance. What does it mean? Can women be involved? What are the iconic ones? What are the favorites? What are the least favorites. You've got bromance questions, we've got answers.

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In this episode, Knox and Jamie discuss supporting characters who deserve their own thing and the idea of spinoffs. They also delve into introverted behavior and they totally recorded it this week and not last week because Knox was going to be out of town. Promise.

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In this episode, Knox and Jamie discuss their favorite Urban Dictionary entries, technology they just can't get into and the blurry line between meeting someone online and translating that to real life. Also, Knox and Jamie realize they are both uniquely selfish and generally awful.

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