The Popcast With Knox and Jamie

In this episode, Knox and Jamie rehash the Grammys with Knox trying as much as possible to not know what happened. They also talk Macklemore, Taylor Swift, Arbys, Cruise Ships and Anna Kendrick.

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In this episode, Knox and Jamie discuss the idea of whether or not artists with questionable behavior can still create content worth consuming. Also, they talk about Drake, Richard Sherman and anonymous commenters who act tough.

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In this episode, Knox and Jamie discuss the Golden Globes. They talk about the winners, the losers and Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and their infinite goodness. Also, they chat about True Detective, The Bachelor and other recommendations.

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In this podcast recap sample, Knox and Jamie discuss the premiere episode of this season of The Bachelor. In it, they discuss winners and losers, contenders and pretenders, the insane people and Knox tries to talk like Juan Pablo at every opportunity.

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In this final Popcast episode for 2013, Knox and Jamie announce a new project. They also discuss American Hustle, Scandal, Miley Cyrus and Ron Paul's time as a gyno.

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