The Popcast With Knox and Jamie

In this episode of the Popcast, Jamie and Knox discuss TV shows that are underrated and the ones that are overrated. They also discuss elements of pop culture they are thankful for and they spend a ton of time discussing Oliva Pope and Don Draper as TV characters.

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In this episode, Knox and Jamie discuss Jennifer Lawrence and what she should do with her career. Also, they "Hunger Games" pop culture figures from the current news cycle and debut a new game called, "Red Light, Yellow Light, Green Light."

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In this episode of The Popcast, Knox and Jamie discuss the career arc of Rachel McAdams. Also, they debate the merit of Buzzfeed and its contribution to culture as well as offer their own Buzzfeedy lists in honor of the internet giant.

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In this episode, Knox and Jamie discuss the idea of aging in Hollywood and career arcs, the state of SNL with a newish cast, the Kerry Washington controversy and how Jamie has a new job situation.

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