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In this episode, we create a complex and highly scientific system to better explain the nine types of pop culture goal digger personality types. 


Pop Culture Goal Digger Personality Types

  • BRADIf you’re a BRAD, use what you are good at to leverage opportunities for what you love. Otherwise, you’ll live in a purgatory of being misunderstood for what you love or misery due to your inherent unhappiness with what you are good at.
  • GAGA: If you're a GAGA, a lot of your motivation comes from feeling marginalized. This will cause you to assume most people are haters. Be aware of true haters, but also be aware of people who just don’t understand and be open to conversation with them.
  • ROCKIf you are a ROCK, charisma and charm open a lot of doors for you, but you need something to get you through the hallway. So develop a tangible skill or skillset that merges what people like about you with ways you can help them solve their problems.
  • KIMKIf you're a KIMK, your greatest asset is awareness but it can also be humility. In a sense, you’ve hit a lottery of perfect timing so parlay that into networking and connection advantages. Be generous with your advantages, seek out mentors who can help you turn your fortunate into tangible skill and never forget to send the elevator down to help others without your fortune. Or, if you don’t like any of that, be loud, bold and court controversy and the resulting outrage and controversy will be your lifeblood.
  • FOXXIf you are a FOXX, the possibilities and opportunities can seem limitless which makes it difficult to narrow your focus. Why position yourself in one space when you have so many things you can and want to do? Hedge against this urge but making yourself have structure and allow yourself freedom only after deadlines and accomplishments are reached.
  • ANNA: Stop saying yes to every opportunity. With everything you do, make the case for and against the Yes and if it is helping you accomplish your longterm goals, then proceed. If not, take a beat.
  • EMMAIf you are an EMMA, your satisfaction is tied up in success and doing good work. Which is great, but you also need time for yourself lest you burn yourself out. Not every choice has to be strategic or part of a wider tapestry you are weaving for your worldwide domination. Downtime is good time because it allows your subconscious to work and it gives your mind a chance to inform why you do, what you do.
  • HAMMIf you are a HAMM, you know you bring one thing to the table. So bring it well and bring it hard and use that to get your foot in the door. Don’t be ashamed.
  • RAJI: If you are a RAJI, the biggest danger to you is not evolving your focus or approach once you’ve achieved a measure of success. The same tenacity that propels you forward isn’t always necessary in the same form and could be off-putting in the wrong circumstances.


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